Loving our City

We love Nottingham; we think it’s a brilliant city full of life and diversity, but we know that there are still many people here who feel hopeless and alone. We believe the church is called to bring hope and to be good news to those in need. One of the main things we do is run a midweek church service for those who we meet through our Food Bank and Social Hub. This service includes a free lunch, a time of worship and a short talk from the bible. There's also a chance to receive prayer and chat. This happens at 12pm every Wednesday.

We aim to support people practically in a number of ways. We host the Social Hub every Monday and Thursday giving out food and baby basics parcels alongside our drop-in cafe, we run a course for people who have been through a divorce or a relationship breakdown, and have teams that visit local prisons to pray for and support inmates. We helped to set up and continue to work with Grace Enterprises to provide employment opportunities to those that would ordinarily struggle to get work so that we're just providing immediate relief for people but can help them take the next step in their life. The first company set up as part of this initiative is Radiant Cleaners.

But we also know that we’re not in this on our own. That’s why we love to partner with external organisations around Nottingham such as Jericho Road, Nottingham Citizens, Hope Into Action and more.

In addition to all of this, we run a midweek church service on Wednesdays at 12 o’clock. This is for those who are unable to attend our Sundays and includes a free lunch, a time of sung worship and a short, bible-based talk.

By sharing the love that God has already shown to us and working with others, we want to see broken lives rebuilt and our city transformed one person at a time. We call this ‘Social Justice’, righting the wrongs that we see in society so that everyone can find freedom in their lives.

If you’d like to get in touch with us about social justice then just email [email protected]

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