Our Vision

From the very beginning, when we were just a handful of people in a living room, we have always had a clear idea of where we’re going. This dream for the future, or vision, isn’t something that we came up with on our own, but something that God has given us.

We are called to be a disciple-making community. This means that we’re much more than just a group of individuals, going it alone. Instead, we want to be an open, loving church where everyone is welcomed and looked after. We also want to take Jesus seriously when he instructed us to "go and make disciples". The word 'disciple' simply means someone who follows, so we want to help and encourage everyone on their journey of following God.

We also believe that we’re not meant to keep this to ourselves so one of the ways we express this vision is by starting new churches in other cities. We have already planted two churches into other major UK cities: one in Birmingham and another in Manchester. We believe planting new churches in other places is the best way to help people get to know God better, no matter where they live.

We can't wait to see what the future holds and we’re daring to believe that God has great things in store for us. Why don’t you join us on the adventure? Come along this Sunday to see if Grace Church is somewhere you could call home.

If you’d like to get in touch or ask any questions just email us hello@gracechurchnottingham.org

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