We love Nottingham; we think it’s a brilliant city full of life and diversity, but we know that there are many people here who struggle financially or simply need some support to face the challenges of life. We believe the church is called to bring hope and to be good news to those in need. Below you can find out about the wide range of things we’re involved in to help people in our city.

Food Bank & Baby Basics

We aim to support people practically in a number of ways. Every Tuesday and Wednesday we run our Food Bank and Baby Basics. Our Food Bank provides emergency food parcels to people in crisis, with enough food for three days. Baby Basics provides baby essentials to parents or carers that struggle to afford baby supplies for children aged 0-2. There's also opportunity to stick around and enjoy community with others over a drink or some food.

12 o'clock Service

We run a midweek church service for those who who might not be able to access our main Sunday services and those we meed through our Food Bank. This service has become a thriving community with people from all walks of life. It includes a free lunch, a time of worship and a short talk from the bible. There's also a chance to receive prayer and chat. This runs from 12-2pm every Wednesday.

Grace Enterprises

In 2017 we set up Grace Enterprises, an initiative that aspires to be a network of socially responsible businesses that bless our city. Our goal is to reduce long-term unemployment and poverty in Nottingham by providing employment opportunities to those that would ordinarily struggle to get work. Watch this short video to find out how we're doing it.

Grace Enterprises is already doing incredible work in Nottingham, which has helped many people find work for the first time in their lives and take the next step in life. For more information about Grace Enterprises and the work we’re doing to transform Nottingham click here.

The first company we set up as part of this initiative is Radiant Cleaners, an award-winning Social Enterprise. You can find more about their services here.

Courses & Ministries

We run a number of courses and ministries to help people find community and support. We run a free parent and toddler group called Stay & Play every Tuesday from 10-11.30am, which is open to anyone with children under 5 years old. We host a mental health support group to help those that struggle with mental health find friendship and support from those who have been through similar situations. Finally, we host men and women's groups to help people feel part of a community and help each other do life well.

Other Organisations

We also recognise that we’re not in this alone. That’s why we love to partner with external organisations around Nottingham as well as other churches in the city.

By sharing the love that God has already shown to us and working with others, we want to see broken lives rebuilt and our city transformed one person at a time. We call this ‘Social Justice’, righting the wrongs that we see in society so that everyone can find freedom in their lives.

If you’d like to get in touch about our compassion ministry then just email

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